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Smarter Balance Technology Skills

Links to improve knowledge of using a mouse, keyboarding, highlighting, navigation, and drag/drop. It is recommended that these skills are practiced at least twice a week for 30 minutes until SBAC testing.

 Mouse Skills and Practice (scrolling, clicking)

1. Mouse Practice Burlington County Library

2. PBC Library Mousing Around Intro

3. PBC Library Mousercise


 Keyboarding (finding keys)

1. BBC Bitesize Dance Mat Typing

2. Keyboarding Games 

3. Sky Chase-Word Race

4. Keyboard Invasion

5. Number Pad Practice

 Highlighting and Drag/Drop

1. Highlighting Lesson

2. Text Selection Practice

3. Drag/Drop

4. Thinking Blocks 

 Navigation (website navigation)

1. Study Jams

2. Story Starters

3. Word Clouds-Main Idea

Common Core Math and Mouse Skills